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Anthony Denton

Is a Sound Designer, Audio-Visual Specialist, Musician and Artist known for his crossover between the accessible and more conceptual side of creating. This section focuses on Anthony's creative background in visual arts. For more information on Anthony's Audio-visual based services contact, view Anthony's linkedin page or Sound and Vision section of this website.


Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne graduated Central Saint Martins College Art -

Anthony has exhibited around the UK including London's Hoxton Square, Pentagram Gallery London for Ballpoint an Angus Hyland Curated show featuring works made celebrating the simple biro pen. Shortlisted for DLA young british Artist of the year, he has been reviewed in London's Evening Standard, The Guardian and Creative Review among others. Also Anthony won Best Music Video at Creative Scotland's Media Awards 2013 as script writer and composer of music.

Anthony's work highlights his love of stationery and making work fom materials background to a process and rarely features in the end product. He uses biro, postit notes, dates stampers, markers, typex and lamination in his work. Alongside stationery there is a fascination with the world of primates, animal instincts within us and basic competitiveness. 



Anthony makes portraits for clients using the humble date-stamper, constructing an image of person made of dates, events, names and key words most significant to their lives. The result has been described as astonishing, as the recipient owns a work like no other. The portrait takes shape as a striking depiction of that person/s yet on closer inspection is completed with thousands of individual ink stamps on a canvas creating a new type of biographical portrait with a broad appeal.

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